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宾夕法尼亚州赫尔希花园温室的 Drexel 金属屋面


Acquisitions have been a solid contributor to Carlisle's sustained growth and value creation over our history, including 85 acquisitions in the past 30 years. 

Our financial strength and cash flow generating capabilities afford us strategic flexibility, and we intend to continue to acquire businesses to achieve our long-term growth and earnings targets. 

Since 2008, we have deployed over $6 billion into over 30 acquisitions. During that time, we have evolved our strategy from one prioritizing diversification to weather varying cycles and ensure consistent growth, to one that applies a returns-based focus to capital deployment. 

We continue to simplify our portfolio under Vision 2025. The 2021 acquisition of Henry Company and divestiture of Brake & Friction are consistent with Carlisle's Vision 2025 strategy to streamline the portfolio with a focus on investing in high returning assets and to generate in excess of $15 of earnings per share.

Chris Koch, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, said "The acquisition of Henry, the largest in Carlisle's history, together with the announced divestiture of our Brake & Friction business, marks another meaningful evolution of our portfolio. These portfolio moves are consistent with our stated strategy to invest in CCM and diversify into a broader building products platform with a focus on the building envelope."

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