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宾夕法尼亚州赫尔希花园温室的 Drexel 金属屋面


兼并和收购是 Carlisle 多年来持续增长的驱动力,其中包括过去 30 年内完成的 80 多项收购。In the past decade alone, we have deployed over $4 billion and contemplate deploying a further $3 billion under Vision 2025. We seek synergistic acquisitions in core or adjacent markets. 我们的投资特点包括:高度专业化和高度工程化的制成品;能够在恶劣环境下使用的高性能任务关键型产品;拥有市场领先地位的强大品牌。Our current focus is to build out our Building Envelope platform within our Construction Materials business (CCM) and higher returning businesses.

In the past decade, we have changed the focus of our M&A during important transitions in the business cycle. In the first few years of the 2010s, we focused primarily on building our Interconnect Technologies (CIT). After the launch of Vision 2025, we pivoted to CCM, while also seeking strategic tuck-in acquisitions for CIT and to build new platforms within our Fluid Technologies (CFT) business.

In 2021, we further refined our focus to our highest returning businesses.

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